Why Ha Long Bay?

Why Ha Long Bay
Not only boasts the island of enchanting, caves beautiful to the surprise, this world heritage also contains a lot of mystery will attract tourists, not only once. Here are the reasons you should go to Ha Long, right in the summer.
Ha Long Bay, World Heritage - natural wonders is one of the leading tourist destinations of Vietnam. Rarely do visitors have the opportunity to experience the many unique values of nature, culture, history and people in Ha long Bay. This is the factor that makes the difference and special attraction of Ha Long Bay compared to other tourist destinations.

Unique travel destination
Ha Long Bay has a natural area of ​​more than 1,500 km2 with nearly 2,000 large and small islands, which have created many wonderful landscape. On the island system in the central area of ​​the bay, there are many famous caves such as Dau Go, Bo Nau, Trinh Nu, Sung Sot, etc. With unique values, Ha Long Bay has twice been UNESCO is recognized as a World Natural Heritage by outstanding values ​​of aesthetics and geology, geomorphology. By 2011, Ha Long Bay once again confirmed its attractiveness when it was voted one of the 7 new natural wonders of the world. These titles have brought Ha Long Bay to a new height. Many domestic and foreign tourists only wish once to set foot in Ha Long Bay to admire the unique beauty of this world natural wonders.
Not only famous for its natural beauty, beautiful landscape, cave system, beautiful beaches, Ha Long Bay also contains in it rich historical and cultural values. Ha Long Bay is one of the cradles of the ancient Vietnamese, with three prehistoric cultures in succession, from 18,000 to 3,500 years ago, namely Soi Nhu Culture, Cai Beo Culture and Ha Long Culture. This is also a place to mark the history of national construction and national defense.

Seafood that can not be denied
Finish the trip to visit the bay, back to the mainland, the visitors will enjoy the dishes here. It can be said that Ha Long has one of the freshest and most delicious seafood in the country. Catched from the open sea. Deep-fried squid, scattered shrimp, or mackerel, blue-ribbed fish, etc. are the best choice for a great meal. Crabs, shrimp (mantis shrimp) are also specialties of the sea of Ha Long.
An unforgettable dish when you come to Ha Long is squid paste. Freshly squeezed, clean and completely refined by hand and then put in the fried. The squid pastes are thick and fragrant, can enjoy together with sticky rice. This combination will give you many levels of emotions unforgettable. There are a lot of delicious squid paste that you can choose to buy as gifts such as: Thoan squid paste (Halong 1 market), Kim Thoa squid paste (Halong 1 Market).

Explore the bay on a kayak
Instead of sitting on the scenic boat, wind yourself through every corner of the bay on a kayak. Morning Light cave - the most beautiful cave with rocks, lagoons, lagoons, and wild nature is a dream journey with any oars. National Geographic Adventures is so subtle that it votes on the top 25 of the world's top 25 kayaks. Free to look at the sky clouds, wriggle in the cool cave and then lightly touch the stalactites is unforgettable impression.

Watch the sunset brightly
CNN voted Ha Long is one of the five points with the most beautiful sunset. As the sunset falls, the image of yachts reflected in the blue water in Ha Long is extremely fanciful on the sea, the light color from the boats reflecting Ha Long Bay down to the water to form a fancy picture. And the dawn will bring you into the fairyland, awakened by the scent of the sea. It is the eternal beauty that for more than 5 centuries, Nguyen Trai hailed Ha Long as "the stone wonder" set in high heaven.


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