How to book

How to book
A wide range of transportation services are available on our website. You provide an offer to purchase online transportation services by completing the booking form. This requires you to provide the details that you are required to confirm and we switch to customer service. Upon confirmation of details, please check that all of your names, dates and times are correct and inform us immediately of any errors. By providing your payment card details, you ensure that you have the right to use the card and that we can immediately debit your card for the value of the service.

We provide booking online with 3 easy steps

1. Find a car
Finding a rental car now is as easy as finding a hotel or plane ticket. Just enter your destination, date of travel, date of return to the information field and press the search button. After 1 second, the system will introduce hundreds of 4 to 45-seater vehicles that can meet your itinerary and schedule with car rental prices attached to each vehicle.

 2.Select car
The filtering tools will help you quickly select cars that suit your vehicle's complexity, vehicle type, vehicle model, color, vehicle comfort, etc. In the introduction page of each car, you can see the actual image of this car and the detailed list of charges included in the car rental such as overnight, tolls, pile.

3. Book a car
Quick reservation procedure only requires filling out the contact information of a passenger present in the trip. The flexible payment method will allow you to pay deposits via online banking services by credit card, ATM card, bank transfer. You can also pay by cash at HalongExpressTravel's office or at convenience stores near you.

After booking the car

Confirmation: The emails and SMS confirmation of the order will be sent to the customer immediately after the deposit is paid. Car and driver information will be sent by SMS to the customer/passenger before the trip at least one day.

Car use: The driver will pick up at the designated place and time, and the passenger will follow the itinerary and schedule set out in the order. If there are requirements arise, guests can still talk to the driver to adjust the itinerary and schedule.

Payment: Customers pay the remaining car rental with the driver, car owner, or with Halong Express Travel. If the requirements arise to increase the time and distance used, the additional charges will be charged according to the fee schedule of Halong Express Travel. All deal are quoted in US dollars per car per route, including fuel cost, driver, overnight fee and accommodation for driver (in case of 2-3 day transfer).

Special offers
We recommend purchase the car as soon as possible. As well as booking air tickets, train tickets, or hotel rooms online, you can now book your car rental early to get cheaper rates than usual. Each rental order can be reduced by 2-5% if booked before 2 weeks and can be reduced 5-10% if booking before 4 weeks. The money can be reduced from several hundred thousand to several million.


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