Q : Where are your office located?
* A : HT main office in the centre of the Hanoi. 
 Q: What is your address, phone number and email?
 * A :    HaLong Transport 
Address: ............................... , Hoan Kiem, Hanoi , Vietnam
Phone/Fax: ....................................
Hotline: Viber, Zalo, WhatsApp: (+84) 904500527
Email: info@halongtransport.com 
Website: www.halongtransport.com
 Q : When can I cancel my reservation and not get charged for it?
 * A :  In general, more than 3 days prior to arrival. For more information, please visit term and condition
* Q : What credit cards do you take?
 * A : We accept Visa and Master Card.
* Q : Should we reserve our tours or transportation in advance ?
* A :  Yes, we recommend booking tours in advance, especially in the high season to secure the good places on board, train, hotel.

* Q : How we recognize you upon arrival?
* A : The HT respentative will await you at the pickup point (at airport/ hotel, habor...). Please look for the placard with your name upon arrival. For emergency cases, please do not to contact our hotline at (+84) 904500527 / (+84) 02033840555
* Q : How we be collected upon each tour?
* A : We will re-confirm with you the pickup time and the pick-up point before each different tour. Our representative will come to your chosen pickup point to collect you.
Q: How long does the ride take?
A: It takes about 3-4 hours of driving from Hanoi to Halong and back. Private transfers leave Hanoi Old Quarter at around 08:30am and arrive in Tuan Chau at around 11:30am-12nn.
Q: Are there stops along the way? 
A: Yes, there is one stop for food and toilet. 
Q:  Can the Van pick me up from my hotel in Hanoi? 
A: The limousine service offers will pick-up and drop-off at your hotel in Hanoi if your hotel is located in Hanoi Old Quarter, Hoan Kiem district. 
Can I go on a cruise if I am pregnant?
If you are pregnant, we advise you to make a serious check-up with your doctor. If your doctor say you can go, you can. However if you are more than 32 weeks pregnant, we recommend you to hold off your trip as the cruise trip still requires some light activity such as climbing up and down or getting on and off board.
Are drinks and beverages included in a cruise trip?
No, they are not included in any cruise packages. In general, meals are included and in each cabin there are complimentary bottles of mineral water. Some cruise may offer free tea/ coffee in meals but other drinks will be charged.
Can I order kid meals and special dietary food?
Yes, you can. Most of cruises in Halong Bay will happily meet any of your special requests. However, please kindly be reminded that you should make note with us well in advance so we can have more time to prepare the most perfect meal for you and your family.
Do we need to pay for entrance fees when visiting caves?
No, you don’t. When you make a booking with us, your cruise trip is already included entrance fees and sightseeing tickets, you don’t have to pay any additional fees.
How long does it take to get to Halong Bay?
The distance from Hanoi to Halong Bay is around 175 km. Traveling by shuttle bus will takes around 4 hours and by private car it is 3.5 hours one way. The road from Hanoi to Halong may experience traffic jam so please allow extra time for that.
What should I bring with me on board?
You are suggested to bring sunblock, sunglasses, insect repellents, wide brim hats, swimming suites, warm clothes in winter, and your original passport for check in. If you are travelling with young kids, candy, picture books, minigames, learning tools may be helpful.
Will I be picked up from my hotel in Hanoi?
Each cruise has their own policy regarding transfer: some cruises include transfer in their cost, others charge extra fee for transfer.
If you book the transfer by shuttle bus, you will only be picked up from your hotel in Hanoi Old Quarter Area (and the West Lake area such as Intercontinental Hanoi Westlake or Sheraton Hanoi). If you stay outside of these areas, you need to take a taxi on your own to our office or to the cruise office to get picked up. An alternative is to book a private transfer. (Popular hotels located outside of the Old Quarter include Lotte Hotel Center, JW Marriot, to name a few).
Should I stay one night or two nights in Halong Bay?
The answer depends on your budget and your time. If you have enough time and can afford the longer option, you are surely recommended to book 2 night cruise. Some of the listed reasons are as follows:
- You will have more time to spend on boat and feel less rushed about the road travel between Hanoi and Halong Bay. Many travelers who cite their only discomfort with taking a 2 day trip is that, they have to do 4 hour road trip on both first and second day of the trip.
- A 2 night trip will allow you to explore further parts of the Bay such as Lan Ha Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay, Cat Ba Island and experience different activities like swimming, kayaking, boat rowing, trekking (in Cat Ba National Park), etc. that a 1 night cruise cannot otherwise offer
Most cruises use a day boat on their second day program, which will be able to take you to the more secluded caves and beaches in Halong Bay. There will be longer time for kayaking and swimming as well
Would it be possible to book a cruise for 2 days/1night during Tet?
During holiday such as Christmas, New Year and Tet, cruise space can fill out very quickly. We suggest you to book a cruise as far in advance as possible if you plan to travel during this time of the year.
The following cruises often organize exciting activiites for Tet so you may want to check them out: Glory Cruise, Indochina Sails, V'Spirit
Does the cruise price include transfer from Hanoi to Halong Bay?
It depends on which cruise you are looking at. All luxury cruises exclude the price of transfer service in their price: most, however, offer shuttle bus that picks you up and drop you off at your hotel for very reasonable cost. Some deluxe cruises and superior already include transfer in their price such as Glory Cruise or Phoenix Cruise.  
Any cruise offers spa service
Spa is an exclusive service and not offered by all cruises due to its luxury nature and limited space on board of most junks. Up to date there are 2 cruises that offer spa service on board: Au Co Cruise and Paradise Peak Cruise.
Is there any risk that Paradise may cancel the cruise?
Paradise Cruises never makes the decision to cancel a cruise. However, cruising and sailing in Halong Bay is strictly regulated by a local board: the Halong Bay Port Authority. Every morning, the Port Authority delivers a permit to each cruise company allowing them to sail in Halong Bay. Both day cruises and overnight cruises are regulated this way.
In case of bad weather conditions and risks of tropical storms, the Port Authority might limit the possibilities of cruising and even decide to cancel all cruises.
In those cases, final decision by the Port of Authority is usually known only at 3.00pm on the day of departure.
Paradise Cruises would inform their guests as soon as the information is available, which unfortunately might only be upon guest's arrival at the marina.
Different possibilities are then offered to the guests.
Is it possible to be three people in the same room?
None of the Paradise Cruises boats disposes of Triple Cabins. We can arrange one extra bed per cabin on all boats for children under 12 years old. Above this age limit, an extra cabin will have to be booked.
When is the best time to visit Halong Bay?
Halong bay has a humid tropical climate. There are however four seasons in the North. Winter lasts from December to March; temperatures can drop down to 12°C-17°C. Summer is from May until September, mostly sunny but rain showers are frequent as the humidity is higher. Spring and Autumn are nicely warm, October to early December being the best time to visit the area.
Travellers to Vietnam and Halong Bay should be aware that the weather is rather unpredictable and can vary greatly even within one single day. However, there is charm and enchantment whether rain or shine: overcast weather and fog make the scenery more mystical and dramatic, bright sun accentuates the various shades of grey of the seascape, etc.
Difference between Halong Bay and Bai Tu Long Bay?
Bai Tu Long Bay is located 30km to the east of Halong Bay in the Gulf of Tonkin where the karst limestones and islets are not as dense and is less visited by tourists because it’s hard to reach and has a fewer accessible caves available for exploration.
Is it safe for pregnant and children?
Yes, all cruises are safe for pregnant moms and children. In case of any emergencies, the cruise teams on board are ready to help and can call on a speedboat to safely go back on land to transfer the guests to the nearest hospital.
Do we have wifi onboard and can we use them?
Yes, all Paradise Cruises have WiFi connection on board but have limited internet connectivity throughout the itinerary due to the area and the karst limestones and mountains blocking the signal from the satellites.
If I get seasick, is it okay to continue cruising?
Yes, you can continue to cruise even when you get seasick. Our cruise team on board are ready to help you out with anything and have been trained to treat seasickness.
Why do we need to wait 30 mins in between the destinations?
We need to stop over for 30 minutes in between Hanoi & Halong Bay (vice-versa) for bathroom breaks and for our drivers to have some time to rest as they work the whole day, everyday.
Any food available for kids and for vegetarians?
Yes, our highly-experienced executive chefs together with their kitchen teams have created a diverse set of menus for different needs from vegetarian, pescatarian, kid’s menus, and even vegan menus to accommodate all kinds of diets.

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