Halong Express Travel.com is proud to be one of the most prominent branches of H.E.T Company. We specialize in offering useful information about travelling to foreigners who desire to explore the beauty of the landscape in Vietnam, especially Ha Long Bay.
Up to now, Halong Express Travel has offered abundant means of transportation including cars, cruises with high quality and recommended hundreds of places for staying during the trip. We have put much effort in improving and enhancing the quality of services to attract more customers as well as broaden the potential market. In the future, we desire to become the most reputable and famous travelling agent belonging to H.E.T Company.
Halong Express Travel provide the most convenient way for customers to book transportation, cruises as well as hotels in Hanoi and Halong. The customers who have demand on booking accommodation and transportation only need to get access to the official website for searching the information and booking. The high-quality accommodation and transportation will be recommended on our website, which allows customers to consider and select the most relevant ones. We believe that with various recommended hotels, hostels and transportation provided by experienced local residents, foreigners will find the most suitable one.

The reason for choosing Halong Express Travel

High quality service
With high-quality service, we are proud to be one of the most reputable and trustworthy travelling branch. We have offered a variety of good services and informative private tours. Most foreigners have no experience when they have taken the first trip to Vietnam. Therefore, it is difficult to seek for suitable accommodation and vehicles to stay and move around the city. This is the reason why Halong Express Travel have provided the most useful and essential information about travel and help customers book the highest quality hotels and vehicles. Moreover, in order to guarantee the comfort and safety of customers, we only selecting the highest quality vehicles with air-conditioner and professional drivers with excellent driving records and certificates from the local authorities.

The abundant choice for vehicles and accommodations
To meet the requirement of thousands of foreign customers, we provide a variety of cars with high quality from famous brand such as Toyota Vios, Toyota Altis, Toyota Innova, Toyota Fortuner, Ford Limousine, Ford Transit and so on with seats range from 4 to 16. Each type of car has different price which correspond with its quality and number of seat.
About accommodations, customers can also find a lot of ideal and safe places to stay such as luxurious hotel, normal hotel or even hostel. The prices ranges from low to high depending on the kind of shelter that you are likely to choose.

Reasonable price
Besides, Halong Express Travel also provide reasonable price for customers. In comparion with the other services provided by another travelling branches, Halong Express Travel offer much cheaper prices with the same quality of the service, which is relevant to most customers. The specific price will be provided on our official website, so Therfore, if you are seeking for the travelling services and transportation that allows you to save the budgets, please contact us for more information.

The support from professional staff
Halong Express Travel has professional, enthusiastic and responsible staff including Tour Guide, Travel Consultant, Transfer Operator, Tour Operator, Marketing Executive, Accounting Executive, Sales Manager, HR Manager. Each staff is in charge of each duty to ensure the efficiency of every projects and plans. Moreover, our staff are willing to consult and support the customers in different situation if necessary.

The consultant department is availalbe 24/24
In case the customers find it difficult to seek for trustworthy and relevant information for the trip, you can definitely ask consultant department for help. Our staff are on duty 24/24 to answer the questions and solve the problems if necessary. We provide the hotline on our website so you can contact us through the hotline whenever you need.
If you need helpful consult for your trip, please contact the staff of Halong Express Travel or get access to the official website for more information. Our services will certainly beyond your expectations.


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